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Carp Commons Celebrates Second Year

CARP – It looked very different from its first anniversary celebration, but the Carp Commons Retirement Village still had lots to celebrate on its second anniversary March 1.

It’s been a full year no one on earth could have imagined, nor has anyone from this generation ever experienced, as we battle our way through a global pandemic.

It’s been a strange year for everyone, to say the least, and the relatively newly opened Carp Commons spent its entire second anniversary operating a senior residence during COVID-19, housing and caring for a group that is firmly in the high-risk category.

Last year, Carp Commons celebrated year one by serving hot chocolate and homemade beaver tails to the community during the Huntley Community Association Carp Winter Carnival as well as hosting an open house on their official birthday where visitors could sample executive chef Matthew Brearley’s incredible food.

Obviously, there was no public celebration of the Carp Commons’ second birthday, this year due to COVID-19 protocols, but the community did mark the occasion and have some fun.

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