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Carp Commons, Juke Joint cooking for WCFAC

CARP – Juke Joint chefs are turning a Carp Commons Retirement Village cookbook recipe in to a delicious meal you can take home and raise funds for the West Carleton Food Access Centre (WCFAC) at the same time.

Each year Carp Commons’ parent company Verve Inspired Senior Living puts out a cookbook of recipes harvested from the executive chefs at some of the company’s senior villages. This year, the Carp Commons’ Rebekah Gunning and Melanie Webber reached out to Juke Point Soul Kitchen owner Corri Greenberg to come up with a unique fundraiser for the WCFAC.

“Collecting food donations is a littler harder this year,” Gunning told West Carleton Online today (Dec. 1). “In fact, the WCFAC can’t accept food donations. So, we came up with this idea to help raise some funds.”

For the next two weeks starting today (Dec. 1) the Juke Joint’s chefs have chosen a recipe out of the Living Loving Local cookbook to prepare for the community. The recipe, Chicken Parmasiago with Mac and Cheese can be ordered for take-out for only $10 with all proceeds going to the WCFAC.

The Chicken Parmasiago comes from the cookbook and will be paired with the Juke Joint’s popular Mac and Cheese to make this outstanding meal. West Carleton Online was able to sample the meal and it was incredible.

The dish will be served as a take-home meal from the Juke Joint refrigerator made fresh every day. It can also be frozen for those who might want the incredible meal a couple of days in a row. All you have to do is pop it in the oven.

Greenberg says she has enjoyed her partnership with the Carp Commons and was very pleased with how the recipe turned out.

“It was suggested we try this one,” Greenberg told West Carleton Online. “It’s light. You might not think to put these ingredients together. It’s all fresh and when I tried it, it was great.”

“There goes my diet,” Webber said was her first thought after trying the dish.

IF you are interested in supporting the WCFAC through the purchase of this incredible meal (and seriously, where else are you going to find a take-out meal for $10?), you can order from the Juke Joint Soul Kitchen (3740 Carp Rd.) by calling 613-470-8888. Dec. 14 is the last day of this fundraiser.


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