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5 Spring Fashion Trends for Seniors That Will Help You Feel Stylish and Confident

One of the beautiful bonuses of aging is we often begin to feel more confident “in our own skin”. By the time one reaches a certain age, we’ve learned what looks good on us, and more importantly, what we choose to wear on the outside can make us feel good on the inside, as well—while picking up some trend tips along the way, and learning to incorporate those into our own tastes. Yes, style is subjective and age is only a number, there are a few things across the board that can help everyone feel stylish and confident.

1.    Mix timeless with trends

Have you heard that wide-leg pants are back? Still have yours from the last time they had their moment—bonus! The same can be said for a lot of staples that tend to flatter a lot of body shapes and shades, such as a classic crisp, button-down white shirt, a black sweater, and a really good handbag. That last one is worth the investment, and since larger handbags are back in style this spring, it’s also convenient for toting around all of our essentials. Oversized sunglasses are also back, as are loafers, and maxi skirts—a particularly flattering style for older adults.

2.    Go light on the accents

While grass green, bold florals, big bottoms paired with smaller tops, and skirt suits are having their moment again this spring, know that you just need to choose one, not all of them at once, for the ultimate statement! It will also make you seem more comfortable in your own style, rather than trying to copy all the trends at once. This extends to jewelry: dainty layers over the expected large statement piece can be just as impactful in understated sophistication.

3.    The right undergarments

Let’s be honest, having a properly fitted bra or even the right length and weight of socks to pair with an outfit can make all the difference to how we feel in it. Wear the compression socks if you need them! And Spanx never go out of style. What you layer on top will only look better if you’re confident in what’s underneath.

4.    A manicure!

Yes, polishing your nails can make a difference to the overall package. While this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to paint the town red, a good manicure can make you feel “polished”—pun intended—while the process itself can be an excellent way to relax and rejuvenate, or even get some quality time if you bring along a friend or family member.

5.    Trends to avoid

All black! Let’s just put that out there right now. While a well-cut black top or slacks are essentials, together they’re a bit much. Clingy jersey material is also a pass, as it can tend to accentuate all the wrong places. Breathable fabrics, however, and well-fitting stretchy denim are another thing entirely and strongly encouraged as stylish yet comfortable trends. And if you feel comfortable, chances are you’ll also feel much more confident in how you’re presenting yourself.

Another way to accomplish this is dressing to highlight aspects of your body that you particularly love in order to draw attention away from areas you don’t as much. Show off that lovely décolleté if you’re not as fond of your legs, which you’ve covered up with a flowing maxi skirt that’s right on trend, darling.