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Fall Prevention

Prevent Falling on Hard Times

Balance problems are the number one reason people fall.  An event like this can have a catastrophic impact on your quality of life or may even cause early death. And while we are more likely to experience problems with balance as we get older, age is not the only factor. There are other causes. In many cases you can reduce your risk for certain balance problems simply by educating yourself. Retirement communities often cite a recent fall as being the pivotal event in one’s life that helped them decide it was time to move to a more supportive environment.

Many balance disorders are caused by declines in the physical body structure such as problems of the inner ear, brain or heart. Still others like aging, infections, head injuries, certain medications or circulatory problems can also result in balance impairment

Other causes can also be associated with lifestyle choices such as smoking and diabetes; two of the leading causes of stroke. Medications used to control lowering high blood pressure may actually contribute to an increase in dizziness.

The use of medications or the interaction of multiple medications also impact balance. Ototoxic medications, for example, used to fight off infections have been known to cause unwanted side effects.

Falls from balance disorders can create anxiety, fractures, loss of mobility or even loss of independence. The physical, social and mental impact makes it critical we take action to reduce those risk factors whenever possible. Many of us can do this by reducing dietary intake of salt, caffeine and alcohol and maintaining a healthy weight with a regular daily exercise routine.

Retirement communities specialize in offering a wide range of fitness related programs designed to improve balance, offer well balanced and nutritious meals, monitor or coach on lifestyle choices.  In many cases falling on hard times can be prevented.