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Have you ever wondered what a day in the life at a Verve Senior Living residence looks like? Trial stays are a wonderful way to experience what inspired senior living is really like. Besides testing the waters of retirement living, think of them as a “staycation”! A revitalizing break with many benefits for you, as well as for your loved ones that care for you.

The Benefits of a Staycation at Verve Senior Living

  • Caring for an elderly loved one can be a 24/7 job. Energetically draining, it can take a toll on the caregiver and senior alike. Trial Stays offer both a physical and mental break from each other that allows for rest, relaxation, and renewed energy.
  • A staycation might even be more re-energizing than an actual vacation! No airports to deal with, long travel days, or too much unfamiliarity. A Trial Stay at a Verve Senior Living residence in your area is like staying at a 5-star resort with personalized attention, exceptional dining, and the peace of mind that support is on hand if you need it—without all the hassle of a trip!
  • Enjoying a Trial Stay at a Verve residence means you have full access to our amenities and signature programs. Take a Meet Me at the MoMA art class, engage in a fitness class like Drum Fit or Go4Life, or enjoy one of our many entertainment opportunities and excursions. It’s our mission to inspire your best day, every day, at Verve with best-in-class Life Enrichment!
  • Let us take care of the meals, housekeeping and laundry services! A Trial Stay gives you access to our services, so you have more time to relax.
  • Socialize with other like-minded seniors. A Trial Stay at Verve means you’re part of our community. Through our many Life Enrichment and dining programs, we create opportunities for our seniors to connect and engage.
  • A Trial Stay offers a safe and secure place for seniors to enjoy a break from their regular lives. With 24/7 support on hand and security measures in place, a staycation at Verve means peace of mind for you and your loved ones, alike.

Overall, a Trial Stay offers many mind-body-spirit benefits as you enjoy the services and amenities of our residence. Not only does it act like a “staycation” but helps give you a clear picture to make an informed decision down the line on the right residence for you, when the time comes to make the permanent move into a retirement residence.

Have a question or interested in booking a tour? Find a Verve Senior Living residence offering Trial Stay availability near you.

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