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Creating a warm and inviting atmosphere is about more than setting the mood through sound, smell, and visual cues. It’s about the attitude one approaches each day with. While the festive season is a fun one, it’s also full of commotion that can lead to anxiety and stress. Thus, it becomes even more important to set a tone of patience, acceptance, and inclusivity for our senior loved ones. 

Being comfortable in our surroundings and around those who are joining in for holiday festivities can go a long way to feeling warm and fuzzy. We’ve laid out a few tips to achieve this, below.

5 tips for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your senior living residence

Make time, spend time, be in the moment

The number one way to create a warm and memorable holiday season is togetherness. Rather than rushing through the To-Dos to “get to the good part”—from decorating (and decorating cookies!) to putting up decorations, or even opening holiday cards—making these small moments matter creates a whole season of the most cherished gift: time spent together. Nothing beats quality time together to create a warm atmosphere no matter what the surroundings are.

For simplicity’s sake

Try to stay away from extravagance; over-decorating, etc. can clutter a space as much as it can the heart and mind. Choose meaningful decorations that trigger happy memories or make just one thing the focal point (like the tree or menorah) to create a calm yet cozy atmosphere. 

Cozy and comfortable

Create a cozy nook to be a tranquil escape from the holiday rush—even if it’s just a comfortable space to retreat to when too many holiday guests are popping by. An extra fuzzy throw and pillows artfully tossed in a favourite chair away from the bustle are perfect. Want to give the whole place the same treatment? Add soft layers wherever you can: from festive tablecloths to holiday-themed bedding and towels are easy ways to not only create an inviting atmosphere—but ways to stay warmer in the cooler months, too!

Lighten up the place

Battery operated luminaries are an instant way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere through extra light in the early darkness of winter evenings. Senior-safe versions include electric and battery-powered candles that don’t produce a scent and aren’t a fire hazard. 

Hang holiday cheer

Never underestimate the power of a good wreath. Inside a suite or on the door to cheer passersby, a festive DIY wreath (or Amazon, we won’t tell!) can signify the holiday you celebrate as well as spark smiles. Its circular shape signifies endless connection with family, friends, and cheer throughout the whole holiday season.

Looking for more ways to make the most of your holidays? Find delicious seasonal recipes inspired by Verve’s signature Living Loving Local program, fun and festive holiday crafts, tips on how to prepare for the cold weather season, and much more on our inspiring stories blog.

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