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Being creative doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to break out the watercolours. Think of it as more of an all-encompassing approach to life through the ability to think outside the box by recognizing all aspects of a situation and effectively communicating your take on it. This can definitely mean putting brush to paper—or pen, pencil, picking up an instrument, or arts and crafts—as a way of expressing or entertaining oneself and others. Thus creativity is an evolving process as we change, grow, and age, helping to unlock our feelings about our environment and community. It teaches resourcefulness, inspires the mind, and therefore often helps us discover a new perspective on life we hadn’t thought of previously.

How creativity fosters community

At Verve we believe in purposeful living through Life Enrichment that empowers the mind, body, and spirit. Through shared creative experiences, these opportunities to discover new interests and indulge in favourite ones encourage vitality and a positive mindset in our seniors. Our signature art programs include Meet Me at the MoMA and Artfull Enrichment, along with the Java Music Club and DrumFIT, among others. All of these create a safe, supportive space for individuals to reflect and express themselves, boosting cognitive functioning and a strong community atmosphere as they bring their various backgrounds and perspectives to the experience. Through open dialogue about the art and music produced, each individual is welcomed into another’s worldview.

Engaging in these creative pursuits can also positively impact the mental health of our seniors, which is vital to their overall wellness.

Celebrating your individuality through creativity

From journaling to listening to music, the benefits of even these solitary creative pursuits can benefit the aging brain by maintaining brain function and regulating stress. Journaling in particular helps one gain perspective as the process intrinsically unlocks questions, ideas, and thus a new way of looking at what we’re writing about. While we’re still, we’re able to hear our intuition more clearly. While listening to music and playing an instrument can in fact create new neuropathways in the brain, making it an excellent tool for older adults to increase communication and even confidence.

These individual pursuits that reflect unique tastes and interests bring us into the present to thoroughly engage in the moment, like an active meditation. By being in tune like this, it calms the nervous system, decreasing anxiety and making space for new ideas and perspectives.

And let’s face it: Being creative is just plain fun! You don’t have to be an expert, you just have to give yourself over to the moment which can create an inner lightness. With this turn towards the positive, room for even more inspiration grows and new possibilities open up. Every time we start a creative pursuit, it’s like a new adventure.

Where will yours take you today?

Be Sharing
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