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Eggs are an excellent source of protein, fat and essential nutrients. We Canadians each eat about 19 dozen eggs per year! That’s a lot of “eggcellent” meals!

This month our Verve Living Loving Local Celebration Meal will consist of a fabulous three course dinner including our Egg Drop Soup, perfect for making in your own kitchen to use up those 19 dozen eggs you’ll eat this year!

Here are some fun egg facts for you to enjoy:

Hen Session:

  • The average laying hen produces about 305 eggs per year (approximately 25 dozen).
  • Hens lay on average 1 egg every 26 hours.
  • Egg production decreases as the hen ages.
  • The size of the egg is linked to the age of the hen. Younger birds lay smaller eggs.

Colourful Eggs:

  • The food a hen eats affects the yolk colour of her eggs.
  • The breed of bird affects the colour of the egg shell.
  • There is actually a breed of chicken called an “Easter Egger” as it lays eggs that range in color from blue, green, rose or brown to sage, olive or cream!

Want more information on eggs? Check out these great resources:

Egg Farmers of Alberta
Egg Farmers of Ontario
Saskatchewan Egg Producers
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