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Living Loving Local is our affectionate name for a program developed here at Verve to feature local foods all year round.  Our Chefs source in-season and local produce each month such as peaches, cherries, squash or corn or provincial treasures such as BC Salmon, Ontario Maple Syrup or Alberta Beef as the opportunity arises, and we celebrate that food throughout the month in our dining experiences, recreation activities, and special events.   Each month is a little different, but always delicious, informative, and fun.

One evening each month our Chef’s prepare a fantastic Living Loving Local Celebration Menu, offering a delicious three course meal to residents, friends and family, featuring our local food of the month.  With appetizers such as Beef Crostini with Horseradish Cream Sauce or Zucchini Cakes with Smoked Salmon Sour Cream, mouthwatering mains including Pork Wellington with Apple Sage Sauce or Flat Iron Steak with Blueberry Butter, and delectable desserts such as Sweet Potato Bourbon Pie or a western classic, like Cheesecake with Saskatoon Berry Compote, there is something to satisfy all tastes.

Our life enrichment department is always up for a little fun and they organize various Living Loving Local events and activities throughout the month to inform, educate and entertain our residents.  Join us in June as we celebrate strawberries with our famous strawberry socials, a trip to the farm and maybe a jamming session. In December we are crazy for Cranberries, enjoying cranberry cocktails at happy hour, creating cranberry topiaries or wire ornaments for festive decorations or baking cranberry hot crossed buns or cranberry shortbread in our baking clubs. In February we may delight in the humble potato trying recipes from around the world with our locally grown fare or creating simple yet elegant wrapping paper with hand carved potato stamps.  You never know what local excitement we will get up to.

Why are we loving local?  Because good food is made even better when it’s locally sourced, expertly prepared, and enjoyed with family and friends, all in a setting that promotes comfort and conversation.  Cheers!

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