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 Seniors share back-to-school wisdom with next generation
Seniors at Dr. James Hemstock & Hearstone Place took part in a photo series where they each shared their best back-to-school wisdom. (Supplied by Videre Images/Jason Whiting)

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It’s a heart-warming photo series that will likely elicit the warm fuzzies as you take it in.

A group of senior citizens from the Dr. James Hemstock & Hearthstone Place seniors’ residence each grasp a chalkboard emblazoned with their wise advice for the next generation of students returning to the classroom this fall.

The photos were taken by Jason Whiting, who owns Videre Images, in Lloydminster, Alta.

Whiting was inspired to create the touching series after seeing another project like it online.

“I just wanted to take it further and do it with our local seniors. We have many of them and they have a bunch of stuff to share,” he said. “As a photographer, I knew I could get some really good images and that’s what I wanted to achieve.”

The photos, which were originally shared to the Videre Images Facebook page, have now been shared more than 13,000 times and have garnered more than 1,000 comments, including by a school Facebook page in Carstairs, Alta.

They include wise nuggets from the seniors like “Listen to your teacher & Do your homework,” by 90-year-old Marcel Lukan.

Others, like 82-year-old Gladys Roebuck, shared the firm message to, “stay off drugs!”

Both seniors were a little shocked to learn of their newfound Internet fame. “I didn’t think it was that famous,” Lukan told The Homestretch Tuesday afternoon. “But I was willing to help out.”

“I’m quite amazed and I hope it will get through to a few children,” said Roebuck. “I’m so worried about the young people.”

Whiting said working with the group at the seniors’ residence was a joy, and he not only got to hear their advice, but also some of their own back-to-school experiences.

“I love to try and capture different things around our community and our region and share those things with people,” said Whiting. “I was hoping people would share these messages with other students.”

He said his plan is the take the photo project one step further and do a response to the sagely advice by local students in the area for the seniors at the residence.

For now, the photos are creating quite a stir online, and among the residents of Dr. James Hemstock & Hearthstone Place.

Click here to view original article by CBC Calgary

Seniors share back-to-school wisdom with next generation

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