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There is no doubt, life has significantly changed at The Roxborough.

As with everyone, the norm seems something from so long ago, and although it is missed here, there has been an awakening like we have never seen.

All staff steering new protocols and procedures with ease because they are an exemplary team.

Working together, sharing jobs, and adding more, to do what needs to be done to keep all healthy and safe.

Some spending their well-earned breaks writing daily handwritten notes of inspiration for each resident to brighten spirits.

Offering escorted strolls in our courtyard, facetimes with families, or just a quick knock on the door with a cheerful hello to see how everyone is doing.

Last, but not least, our residents.

Their lives have seen so much change, but none like this, and to someone of latter years it can be very challenging.

They have been steadfast.

Trying their best to understand and except the frustration of isolation so stoically.

Thanking us in every way, every day for caring for them, and returning the kindness by taping notes in the elevators, sending their thanks and gratitude for keeping them safe.

These past few weeks, we have all discovered traits and strengths in ourselves and others we never knew were there.

A community of people who have come together, taking care of each other, that will come through this because we have lived it, together.

We will see you on the other side of this.

Stronger, closer, and more loving with each other than ever before.

Stay safe and healthy.

The Staff and Residents of the Roxborough Retirement Residence.




Be Sharing
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