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Retirement opens up a veritable Pandora’s Box of opportunities and complex emotions. The freedom of endless days can inspire new hobbies, social connections, and the time to “finally” do all the things you ever wanted to do! Those endless days no longer filled with To Dos and career pressure can simultaneously feel overwhelming and scary, however. What will you do with all that time?! Now that there’s no longer forced interaction through work, how will you connect with others? And even more intrinsically, who are you without the job or career that’s defined you for so long?

Our first and most important piece of advice is: Take it slow. Give yourself some grace in processing what’s passed and take the time to truly think about what’s next and how to approach it. What do you want out of this precious gift of time?

Focus on Mental Health

One of the best things you can do before launching into any sort of activity is to take the time to explore that question: What do you want? Start by giving gratitude for the life you’ve lived so far, and then turn your focus to the ways in which you’d like to redefine your identity outside of the workforce that’s consumed it thus far. Starting a journal is a proven stress reliever and useful aid in gaining perspective. Even making simple pros and cons lists, lists of what you’d like to accomplish, and outlining steps to reach those goals can take the edge off when you’re presented with a clear plan on paper. Exploring new creative pursuits can also help you gain a new perspective on life.

If the transition is hitting you harder than expected, do not be shy to seek out personal counseling or therapy. Talking things through with a mental health professional can help you to discover new perspectives on this complicated time. The importance of mental healthis crucial to promoting active and healthy aging.

Explore your social side

When the constructs of a busy life give way to retirement, figuring out who you are among others as you transition into this new phase of life can feel overwhelming. However, developing close, authentic connections becomes even more vital with numerous health benefits. Reaching out to old friends and even family you may not have had time for during the daily grind is a great first step. And if tending to the home and morning walks with friends or the occasional coffee date just aren’t cutting it, there are still many wonderful ways to be involved in your community to make a meaningful contribution: From volunteering to mentorship, continued learning classes, or even consulting in your area of expertise (with the added bonus of making some extra cash!) will keep you connected to your purpose. Tip: Start researching before you retire, so that you can roll right into your new routine.

More tips for a smooth transition into retirement

  • Sign up for classes in your area of interest at the local community center. Bonus: You’ll meet like-minded friends!
  • Get daily exercise for both physical and mental health
  • Eat well to keep your energy up
  • Establish a routine! And read our blog post on the 10 best daily habits for every senior
  • Consider getting a pet to give your golden years a companion
  • Connect with your trusted healthcare professional to establish a baseline

Planning where you want to eventually end up is also a wonderful way to plan for the future and take the stress out of it by giving yourself time to research. We’ve put together a Getting Started Guide to help you find just the right retirement residence that will help you make the most out of your lifestyle.

Be Sharing
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