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At all times we must follow the guidelines set forth by the local provincial health authority. In many cases we implement safety initiatives before the governments mandates them. While we pride ourselves on doing everything we can to keep our communities safe, it does alter the way we connect with the outside community.

Click on the image below to view the interactive version of our Safety Protocol Brochure.

Verve's Safety Protocol Brochure

Download the Safety Protocol Brochure

Dining Services

Dining with Verve continues to be an exceptional experience.

Our dining rooms are open and our dedicated team of chefs continue to provide the same variety and high quality of food we are known for. With everyone’s safety in mind, we have established multiple seatings for every meal, with a set schedule and thorough sanitation between groups. Currently we are working with the guidelines provided by the Provincial Government regarding number of residents dining together, and as those change, we will also change the number of residents allowed per table.

Our holiday, special occasion, and theme meals continue and give everyone something to look forward to, whether you are dining in your suite or the dining room. We have also created a fabulous mobile cart program that offers everything from cocktails to snacks, lemonade stands to high tea, and always service with a smile.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Our team members work exclusively for Verve. They are required to wear face mask and face shields. When in close proximity with residents, they also wear additional PPE. They may look like aliens but they are full of human kindness.


One of the most significant ways this pandemic has affected all of us, is how we connect with friends and family. We always conduct thorough screening of all visitors to ensure the safety of our residents. When we are able to coordinate visits with family members, we provide an appropriate space and ensure proper distancing. When mandated by the province, we may need to limit guests for a period of time.


Keeping our community safe is a priority for all of us. There may be a period of quarantine for newcomers, the length and extent of which is dependent upon the provincial health authority guidelines at any given time. But not to worry, if there is a quarantine period our staff and residents work extra hard to make sure you are comfortable, well nourished, entertained, and get an introduction into our community.

We have Resident ambassadors who will introduce themselves through video calls so you can start to meet a few friendly neighbours. Our Life Enrichment team will visit with activity kits and stay for one-to-one exercise sessions. If you don’t have your own technology devices, we can lend you ours and arrange for video calling with your family. Our Health and Wellness team has regular check ins with you, while still having hotel quality room service with three full meals delivered to your door. Our management team will visit with our orientation packages and you can count on a few fun visits when our mobile carts come knocking. You may be alone, but you will not be lonely, we guarantee it!

Life Enrichment

We’ve learned to be flexible and our engaging group activities continue with added layers of protection. We ensure the supplies we use for programs are individual, safe and single use.

Everyone wears a mask. We practice exemplary hand hygiene. We space out our work-stations to allow for social distancing and of course, we do a deep cleaning before and after every activity. When necessary, as directed by the ministry of health we can easily switch to small group sessions or even in-suite activities if needed. Our life enrichment teams from across the nation have come together to develop an incredibly robust in-suite activity program that can be rolled out for specific floors, specific suites, or even the whole building when required.

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