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Thank you to Denice, daughter to one of our residents, for giving this thoughtful thank you to the staff and management at White Cliffe Terrace Retirement Residence in Courtice, ON.  

“In the spring of 2017, after investigating a number of other retirement residences in the area, we chose Whitecliffe Terrace for my mom to call home for the next phase of her life. She had been living alone in her house after dad passed on, and we had been concerned about her having an accident, perhaps not eating properly and the other normal worries children have about an elderly parent.

Whitecliffe wasn’t exactly a stranger to us, my husband’s mom had been one of the very first residents there when it opened. That the environment and staff is open and friendly, bright and cheerful, and most importantly in our opinion – competent and caring, and that the entire facility is kept in optimum condition, sparkling clean and well appointed, and that the menu choices and quality are excellent, were also primary factors in our decision.

For the past four years my Mom has been very well cared for, and has made great friends among the residents and staff. It’s a constant comfort to us that we know she is eating well, that her apartment gets cleaned for her and her linens are laundered weekly, that the staff truly care about her, and that her general needs are well met.

Recently, at 97 years young, and still full of life, Mom moved upstairs to the 4th floor where there is an additional level of care; she now has assistance bathing and dressing and her medications are administered daily so she can’t forget to take her pills. Through the covid epidemic, Whitecliffe’s regimens of precautions to protect the residents, which included testing and daily monitoring, resulted in her coming through without any ill effects.

My interaction with the management has always been positive and satisfactory and my opinion is that this is a well run, first class facility.”

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