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December – Construction Update

Dear: Neighbors,

Thank you for your interest in the Don Mills Retirement Residence. We are sending this update to keep you informed on the project and how the construction may affect you. During the month of December our site will complete the following activities.

905 Don Mills Construction Update

  • The site will be running daily, weather permitting following all local by-laws.
  • Delivery trucks will be visiting the site regularly delivering components for the building’s Interior Finishes Drywall, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems.
  • The material hoist was demobilized late December 2022
  • The mechanical penthouse roof screen installation shall continue this month.
  • Mechanical crews will continue rough ins, in hoist suites and corridors
  • Electrical rough-ins are complete, they will continue working in finishes and fire alarm install
  • Drywall taping, mudding, and sanding will continue in the hoist suites, common areas and corridors
  • Suite finishes are now complete up level 9. Kitchen & bathroom millwork up to level 6.
  • Elevator #1 is operational elevators 2, 3, & 4 scheduled to be online late March 2023
  • Installation of city curb and sidewalk on Don Mills is complete. City sidewalk remediation is complete on Green Belt Drive, with public access
  • Overall building is complete, working on interiors. Remaining exterior finishes and landscaping to be completed in the spring.

Traffic / Noise

  • Crews will be on site five days a week (Monday – Friday); though not currently scheduled, some Saturday work might occur.
  • All work will be completed from Monday to Saturday as per our permit and in accordance with the City of Toronto bylaws.
  • When needed, we will have trained traffic controllers and Paid Duty Officers as required on our site to guide our trucks and local traffic safely and efficiently.
  • There are two site entrances, one on Don Mills and another one on Green Belt Dr which will receive most of the vehicular traffic.
  • Intermittent sidewalk and lane closures may occur.

Site Safety Measures

  • Overhead protection has been removed now that the building structure is complete. Fast fence is now in place for public right of way to protect pedestrian traffic.
  • Signage, barriers, fencing, pylons, and traffic control personnel will all be utilized on the site to ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists.
  • Please obey any signs or traffic control personnel when near this site. They are all there for your safety.


Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation.