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Resident-Centric Support

Our qualified Health and Wellness Team individualize support to enhance health, cognition, strength, inclusion and socialization to promote independence and positive daily routine.

Our Health and Wellness Program

Specifically designed for those residents who require or would benefit from additional support and companionship, your journey at Verve begins with a professional consultation with our Health & Wellness Manager and continues with customized support.

All care is delivered by team members with professional nursing expertise, includes regular assessments for every Living Option as your care needs evolve, and offered with the respect and compassion to make our residents feel safe and secure.

Our Support Packages

From medication cueing, assistance or administration to bathing or showering assistance, morning and evening assistance, to mealtime and activity escorts, our personal care options are as unique as you are, and tailored to be just what you need.

Information Seminars

Educational sessions are offered in some provinces by our by our Health & Wellness Manager and Clinical Pharmacist highlight various topics such as immunizations, medication alerts, blood pressure clinics, and yoga and exercise programs to promote focus on whole-body wellbeing.

Our Living Options

Support at every level: From Independent and Assisted Living to Memory Care, Respite Stays and Trial Stays, our Wellness Team is devoted to ensuring every day is infused with opportunities to strengthen the mind, body and spirit.

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The mind-body-spirit connection is paramount to whole-body wellbeing.

Keeping the mind active and engaged through specially designed cognitive activities and social programs.

Nourishing the body through a healthy diet and regular exercise, along with promoting regular check-ups with your primary care doctor.

Inspiring the spirit though social connection, compassionate care, and mind-body support.

Our Health & Wellness teams

Our Wellness teams are devoted to ensuring that every day is filled with great opportunities for our residents to partake in activities and opportunities that will enrich and strengthen the mind, body, and spirit.

Memory Care residents benefit from team members trained in the Gentle Persuasive Approach.

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