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Bringing the Lloydminister Fair to the Residents

When the local fair gets canceled, then the fair gets brought to the residents of Dr. Hemstock and Hearthstone Place! Due to COVID, the Lloydminster fair was canceled. Residents of Dr. Hemstock and Hearthstone look forward all year to this week of entertainment and outings. Disappointment, yet understanding, was felt by all involved. What better way to help residents cheer up than by bringing the fair to them? The day started with a country-western themed parade. Staff members paraded down the hallways of the building dressed up in western wear. Everyone from cowgirls, bull riders, mop riding – housekeeper cowboys, and even a pretty lady could be seen strutting down the halls. With no shortage of music, dancing, laughing, and fun residents enjoyed the show.

The day continued with a fair-style lunch including fries and lemonade. However, the most enjoyable part of the day was the afternoon. Carts full of goodies strolled through the hallways. Residents tried their luck with a rubber duck game, showed off their skills throwing balls at tin cans, and even got to play ring toss. Our traveling fair would not be complete without prizes and treats. Chocolate, cotton candy, popcorn, and peanuts were enjoyed!

Although the residents were disappointed that they were not able to get out and enjoy the local parade and fair this year, their smiles throughout the day proved that this was a close second to them!