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Join us for a Robbie Burns Celebration on Friday, January 24th at 4:00 PM!  Enjoy a traditional dance performance by the Elizabeth Johnston Highland Dancers with us.  A celebration you don’t want to miss!

Please RSVP at (604) 271-7222 if you would like to attend.

In celebration of Living Loving Local, June is Strawberry 🍓 Month.


Why Celebrate: Pretty much everyone loves strawberries. This versatile “fruit” can be used in sweet and savoury cooking and of course is delicious eaten raw and in large quantities!
It is one of the first fruits to ripen and signifies that summer ☀ is around the corner and provides a launch to the preserving/canning season.

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View Gilmore Gardens Easter Buffet Dinner

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A great way to stimulate your senses with colour and coordination. Enjoy a relaxing hour of colouring with Marion, Gilmore’s health and wellness manager, who also loves to chat and get to know new people.

Do you have a great appreciation for classical piano music? Do you enjoy hearing students practice and perform in front of an audience? Then you will enjoy this session. Timothy will play and may bring some student from Richmond Music School, who will soothe or souls and lift our spirits!