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Dear Verve Residents

Dear Verve Residents,

We appreciate your patience and kindness.

Your strength and Wisdom you gained from the past, will lead us through this.

We are a community within these walls, as we cheerfully pass through these halls.
Our windows are clear; however, they may bring a tear, when family is here,
please do not fear, as this end is near, and we will always be here.

Your room may seem small, during these times,
only to find, a picture of loved one that has been on your mind,
or at your bedside if you need, there you will see a smile indeed.

Puzzles and ice-cream, Earth Day’s Potted Plants are kindly delivered
with you in mind, lots can be done during these times.

All we can do is try our best and for you to know, you should expect no less.

May now, strength and wisdom help us all through these times,
and yes, you are always on our minds.

Sincerely with love, “Stay Safe”