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As children we feel free to express ourselves and simply enjoy our creativity without expectations of perfection.  As we become older we tend to “restrain” that sense of freedom for fear of criticism or judgment.  Combine that with the many daily responsibilities adulthood brings of raising children, working and financial responsibilities and pretty soon most people are left with little time or energy to enjoy the gift of creativity.  I grew up on a farm and my mother, raising six children, babysitting ten grandchildren, working outside the home part-time and on our family farm was constantly busy.  She finally had some time for herself and at the age of sixty-five began to paint and loved meeting many new friends through her art classes.  When my father passed she spent many quiet evenings creating – time passes very quickly when  painting and all worries and negative thoughts disappear as your creative side takes over.   I am so grateful that she taught me to be creative and enjoy!

All aspects of a senior’s life can be positively influenced through the process of producing artwork:  emotional, spiritual, physical and mental.   I love teaching Seniors and seeing the joy on their faces as their paintings come to life and the pride they have when they have a beautiful piece of art to hang.

Cathy Clark
Sales Representative, ASA
Keller Williams Realty Solutions, Brokerage
Direct  :   647-296-7403

Be Sharing
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