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1.    Move that body!

Almost nothing beats 30 minutes of moderate daily exercise. From physical and mental health-boosting yoga for seniors to a daily walk around the block, water aerobics, or pickleball, choose something that appeals to you and you’ll be more likely to stick to the program!

2.    Healthy sleep habits

Engaging in a regular evening bedtime routine to promote a restful sleep is part of every senior’s important 10 daily habits for healthy living. Things like no screen time 30 minutes prior to sleep, a regular bedtime, and getting six to eight hours are all part of helping the body to enter that all important sleep state during which time it is able to recuperate and repair itself.   

3.    A balanced diet

Nutrition is one of the top three ways along with exercise and regular sleep to promote healthy aging. Eating the right foods, plus the ones that aren’t so good for you only in moderation, will help nourish your body and give you the energy to exercise, socialize, and engage mentally with all that life left to live.

4.    Social connection

From texting a friend to regular phone calls or even weekly walks together for bonus marks—socialization and exercise!—connecting with those you love and the community around you is just as important to healthy living as eating the right foods. Check out our easy and effective tips for seniors to make friends.

5.    Creativity

Artistic and creative endeavors are not only great activities to promote cognitive functioning, but can increase social interaction and confidence, reduce stress, and lower blood pressure. From journaling to doodling, taking up a craft or taking part in an art class for the first time, reacquaint yourself with play for health boosting benefits!

The above tips will not only help promote healthy physical aging, but mental health as well, which is just if not more important to keeping one inspired and energized to live well. Practicing daily gratitude for what we have, rather than bemoaning what we don’t is another important habit that has immense health benefits.

Another way to help healthy aging is to reduce unhealthy habits like overconsuming alcohol and junk food, smoking and not getting enough exercise.

At Verve Senior Living, we involve our residents in a number of specially designed programs to promote overall wellbeing. Discover more about our Life Enrichment programs here.

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