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What is style?

We believe it’s that je ne sais quois that starts on the inside. It’s an innate feeling that accompanies a person’s demeanour, way of doing things, and extends to how we dress and present ourselves to the world. Sometimes, it’s the other way around: Style starts with our clothes and accessories, which can then inform how we carry ourselves. This expression is unique to everyone and is why fashion trends can look oh so very different from one person to the next. We have the ability to infuse our own style into a simple white tee: Tucked, untucked, cinched, loose, tight – the variables are endless. It’s what makes style so fun.

So while reading about all the fun Spring 2024 trends to try, keep in mind how you can make them your own (and age-appropriate!). The best way to look amazing is to dress to your body type. While skirts are having a resurgence, mind the knees; and keep that hemline underneath them, for example. Which brings us to our first tip for renewing your style for spring 2024:

Basics that fit right

Start with the staples! A great bra—yes, we’re getting that basic!—is a must. The right size makes all the difference in look and feel. A comfortable pair of shoes that isn’t a sneaker, and well-fitting denim and a classic white button-down shirt will always serve you well as closet staples. Pair everything with a bag that screams your lifestyle: oversized, barely there, in fun colours or silhouettes; this is where your inner style can shine.

Tailored to you

Skirts made a comeback last year, and they’ve been updated for spring 2024 in ultra-feminine silhouettes and fabrics. We like the flowing and elegant versions for women 50+, and paired with a blazer or menswear sweater for a masculine/feminine look that happily reminds us of the uber-chic Diane Keaton. And since white is also having a moment again, try marrying the two trends in an oversized blazer or simple dress for an elegant, age-appropriate look.

Up-to-here pants

High-waisted pants have also thankfully made a comeback and are easily paired with whatever your style of top is preferred! From dress pants to sweatpants, the higher waistline works well when your top is tucked. And speaking of sweats…

Athleisure gets another year, new look

We love the elevated sportswear trend! Dressing for comfort is nothing new, but this spring’s white and citrus colour palette gives it a timeless aesthetic that works with unexpected new pairings we’ve seen around the catwalks: Cropped leggings with pumps, denim and track tops, feminine tops and relaxed bottoms.

Sparkle and shine

Get an extra mile out of your holiday metallics! The silver and gold colour palette continues on through spring, giving a nice, stylized pop to skirts and elevating that athleisure wear. We suggest foregoing razzle-dazzle sparkle for an elegant, gilded look.

Roses are red…

Or any shade you like, really, in their updated prints for spring 2024. The more stylized and monochromatic, the better, for this trend, to look glorious rather than girlish.

Remember, the key to dressing well starts with how you feel in the clothes on the inside! Because feeling good is always on trend.

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