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Over the last few weeks, Verve staff and residents across the nation, have been entranced with our surprise sidewalk art displays at the entrances of all our buildings as they arrive to work or venture out on their daily walks.

As a thank, you to our phenomenal staff and wonderful residents the Verve management team wanted to do something special to put a smile on their faces in these trying times. We are so proud of the tireless dedication and caring of our frontline employees, and the incredible spirit and patience our residents have demonstrated.

Inspired by seeing children’s chalk drawings on sidewalks throughout our neighbourhoods, the Verve management team set out to see if a coordinated chalk art experience could be put in motion for our Verve communities. After much searching, five chalk artists were commissioned to create their exceptional visual art at our 30 residences throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario.

Thank you to these talented Artists for their smile-inducing sidewalk artwork:

  • Robbie Lariviere (Falldown Guy): Artist for Eastern Ontario
  • Wendle Beaton: Artist for Toronto GTA
  • Dan Allan: Artist for Saskatchewan
  • Alexandra Jade: Artist for Alberta
  • Lenora Cairns: Artist for British Columbia
Be Sharing
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