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Approaching the topic of senior living options symbolizes a period of transition in one’s life which can bring about a lot of emotions for everyone involved. As with any big shift, it may feel daunting at first. But it’s important to remember that change can — and usually does — have a way of bringing about a lot of good things.

Your loved one, children or caregiver may have different ideas on the type of change to make. The best place to start is with having an open and honest conversation. Take the time to discuss your needs, wants and desires for the future with your family. Even if a decision isn’t reached immediately, it can bring with it a sense of relief and peace as the future becomes clearer.

A tough topic to tackle

This is part of your journey together as a family, and the goal for everyone involved is to shift to a more comfortable and safe life with ease. Approach the conversation with patience and an open mind.

How to prepare for the conversation

If this is the first time approaching the topic of senior living with your family member(s), it’s a good idea to come into the conversation prepared for a variety of questions you will likely get. Consider the personalities of your loved one so that you can speak from a thoughtful perspective. Take some time to do your research on the living options available so that you’re equipped to have a productive conversation and take next steps from there.

Helping the conversation go smoothly

There are a few things to consider including in your conversation to help ensure that it goes smoothly. It’s important to remember that these are big decisions that don’t need to happen overnight!

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