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There cannot be enough said about the importance and benefit of regular physical activity. Defined as exercise, sport, and other physical activities such as hiking, stretching and yoga, the benefits of a combination of regular movement go beyond the physical to internal mind-spirit wellness. As we age, this becomes even more important to prevent cognitive decline, overall mood, and to maintain a quality of life.

Let’s take a closer look at the 10 most prevalent benefits of exercise for seniors.

1.    PHYSICAL MOBILITY AND AGILITY. Aging brings with it brittle bones and an increased risk of falling. Regular exercise and movement help the body maintain strength and flexibility which will improve balance and coordination, thereby reducing the risk of spills and broken bones.

2.    MUSCLE STRENGTH is crucial to keep doing the things you love to do! And need to do, daily, increasing the chances of maintaining independence longer.

3.    Regular exercise will IMPROVE QUALITY OF SLEEPand that better night’s rest can make all the difference in mood and the body’s natural ability to heal.

4.    SOCIAL CONNECTION! Taking a class at a local community center or Life Enrichment activity at Verve Senior Living. Taking part in a group exercise class benefits the body, gives a sense of purpose, and elevates the spirit.

5.    Who couldn’t use a bit MORE ENERGY every day? That extra boost one receives from exercising increases the chance of doing more in the future—from exercise to daily activities.

6.    Because everything builds upon everything else, that “extra” energy and motivation from exercising will put you in A BETTER MOOD as movement releases endorphins! Thus lowering the feelings of anxiety, depression and isolation.

7.    EXERCISE REDUCES CHRONIC STRESS and its physical effects, thanks to more energy to tick those need-to-do items off the checklist and deal with daily stressors.

8.    Aerobic exercise IMPROVES COGNITIVE HEALTH. The physical act of being engaged and present, along with mental exercises, is crucial for aging adults.

9.    PREVENT DISEASE such as heart disease and diabetes, reduce blood pressure, and improve the body’s overall immune functions.

10. According to the Alzheimer’s Society, regular physical exercise can also LOWER THE RISK OF DEMENTIA.

Just 20-30 minutes of physical activity a day can make all the difference on the quality of your health, helping aging adults maintain overall quality of life. Need some tips on how to get your daily exercise in? We’ve got you covered with these easy and effective ideas for seniors to stay active, along with 5 tips that promote healthy aging.

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