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Having a regular, daily routine has multiple overall health benefits that range from physical care to maintaining cognitive function and keeping spirits up. With aging comes loss of physical abilities and independence, as well as cognitive decline and the loss of loved ones. The days tend to either fly by or crawl, and in their unpredictability cause stress, fear, loneliness and sadness. A regular daily routine can help return structure to the day, while boosting the mind, body and spirit.

Here are your 10 Daily Habits to incorporate into a regular routine:

1. Set goals.

Even if it’s one simple thing like “I will smile at someone today”, or “I’ll finally change the batteries in the remote today”, accomplishing just one thing a day can increase satisfaction and self-confidence. By having one task, you’ve infused your day with purpose and motivation.

2. Think of the positive.

Which for some people, might be the goal. It might be a happy travel memory, or focusing on something simple in the present like how delicious breakfast is. There’s always at least one – probably 10 – good things that happen every day if you really think about it.

3. Practicing daily gratitude is a part of thinking positive, but takes it one step further. Incorporate giving gratitude for 3-5 things that happened during the day that worked out, were wonderful, or even weren’t but still held value. Before you know it, the list will grow and you’ll start noticing the good in more than the negative.

4. Start the day with a healthy breakfast that gives your body energy and soul a boost. Verve dining is centered around this Living Loving Local philosophy with its chef-inspired dining that focuses on nutrition and great taste.

5. Moderate exercise.

Stretching, yoga, walking, Verve fitness programs! Maintain mobility, loosen stiff joints, relieve aches with any of these moderate daily exercises. Consider lifting water bottles if you don’t have light weights and invest in a resistance band to keep up a minimum muscle mass.

6. Socialize.

From a simple phone call or text to a friend, to an organized community activity, socializing a little every day is a proven way to boost your mood and maintain cognitive functioning. Plus it’s fun!

7. A good sleep routine promotes healthy sleep patterns for quality, 7-8 hours of sleep. Enforcing a regular nightly routine that includes no screentime before bed, a dark room, and preparing the body for sleep can help improve your sleep quality. Sleep routine to promote good sleep (Dark, no screens, prep the body for quality 7-8 hrs sleep)

8. Personal hygiene.

Both morning and night, regular teeth brushing and washing helps prep the body for day or sleep, while maintain your health. 

9. Challenge cognitive abilities.

Daily reading, word or number puzzles after breakfast or as an afternoon activity will help keep the mind sharp! Even learning to play an instrument or taking dance lessons helps challenge the brain to think in new ways.

10. Don’t underestimate the great outdoors.

Nothing beats five minutes in fresh air, absorbing the beauty of nature to calm the spirit and boost the mood.

Start by making a list of YOUR favourite activities and incorporate a few of them daily to tailor your routine to something you’ll happily maintain for years to come.

Be Sharing
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