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Retirement can feel like an elusive stage of life. Laced with promise and the excitement of freedom from life’s responsibilities finally, it can also be a source of anxiety-inducing uncertainty. How will you afford everything you need for the rest of your life? Do you have to work later just to afford necessities in this economy? How will you spend your days if you’re not working? Will you be forced into the cliché picture of four o’clock dinners and crib every night?

Below we bust the five financial and life myths that seniors are led to believe about what retirement living looks like.

Myth #1: Retirement residence food is uninspired

Food is an extremely important aspect for seniors when they are thinking of moving into a residence. While the consensus is it’s the same re-heated frozen entrée every night, Verve Senior Living residences pride themselves on chef-inspired dining that starts with incorporating fresh, locally sourced ingredients that serve a nutritional purpose along with their tasty end result as part of our Living Loving Local program. Our chefs and dining room team also aim to get to know your personal preferences, for an inspired experience every meal.

Myth #2: Retirement residence living is unaffordable

It’s a common belief that independent and assisted retirement living in a community are more expensive than home care. However, it’s important to factor in the costs of homeownership like mortgages, as well as the human cost of general indoor/outdoor maintenance. You might have to bring in someone to mow the lawn as you age, or take over the weekly cleaning. All those costs are already factored into your retirement residence fees. You can use the pool without having to “pay extra”, food is always on the table, and the stress of home ownership is a thing of the past.

Myth #3: Retirement residences living signals a loss of freedom

Au contraire! Think of it as cruise ship living, all the time. There’s always someone to make the meals and take care of your quarters; and not having to do those things means more time to pursue the hobbies, fitness and extra-curriculars you love—and even those you’ve always wanted to but haven’t had the time for! Support at Verve Senior Living is there when you need it, and there’s a comfort in knowing a team of professionals is on hand encouraging you to participate in life.

Myth #4: Health and wellness decline in retirement residences

Verve Senior Living’s Life Enrichment programs, professional support team, in-house chefs, and amenities are all designed to encourage an active, inspired life. From the purposefully built memory care households to our independent living apartments, every Verve community promotes engagement, safety, and specially designed seniors’ programming for health and wellness.

Myth #5: It’s never going to feel like home in a retirement residence

We can’t replace or replicate the memories you’ve made in your home, but we strive to create an inspiring environment with warm, caring support and the option to personalize your space, connect with your neighbours, and engage in activities. We want to encourage your independence, however that may look, and family and friends are always welcome at Verve Senior Living! We recognize that being social is imperative to happy, healthy living.

Take a tour of a Verve Senior Living residence near you today to discover what inspired senior living looks like.

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