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Change is hard, especially in your golden years! You’ve become accustomed to how things are; your home, routines, and the people in them. Moving into a retirement community will bring with it a slew of changes to everything from your environment to how you operate in it.

By adopting a positive mindset and embracing your move with a few simple steps, you’ll feel settled in your new retirement community in no time and able to make the most of your new retirement freedom!

1.     Try something new!

From the chef-inspired dining menu at Verve to our extensive Life Enrichment programs and best-in-class amenities, sample one of our lovingly prepared and nutritious meals, try a new fitness class, or attend one of the many staff-hosted socials. By going just a little outside your comfort zone, you might just discover a new favourite dish or make a new friend — and you’ll get to know your community even better, along the way!

2.    Make your new suite your own

You may have downsized, but that doesn’t mean your new place can’t feel as welcoming and familiar as home. Nobody likes sitting amongst boxes; it’s uncomfortable and claustrophobic! By unpacking and decorating as quickly as possible, you’ll start to settle in sooner, and bonus, you’ll have more time to explore your new retirement community.

3.     Invite your loved ones to visit your new retirement community

Whether you lived with family before or you’re simply moving from your old place into a new community, introducing your new home to family and friends is a great way to take ownership of your new place and feel like it’s yours. Showing them around will help you familiarize yourself with your new community as well.

4.    Get to know the retirement residence team members

Aside from getting to know your new neighbours — think of them as built-in friends to attend activities and mealtimes with! Getting to know the team members is just as important. We are here to support you on your retirement journey; getting to know you, your likes, and your dislikes, will help us do that so we can anticipate your needs.

5.    Explore the neighbourhood

From the nearest coffee shop to parks, museums, and shopping; discovering what’s outside your new front door can help you feel more acclimatized. Especially if you’ve moved communities, this is a great way to get a sense of your surroundings to feel settled. Not sure where to get started? Ask one of our friendly Verve team members for recommendations and assistance on how to get around and where the best spots are.

Retirement is Your Time to Be On Your Own Terms

Have questions about your new Verve community? Talk to your residence’s Community Relations Manager, we’re always here to support you on your journey in any way we can.

Interested in being part of the Verve community? We would love to hear from you! Contact us today.

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