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The staff at The Lodge at Valley Ridge go the extra mile everyday to make sure that our residents have a great day, everyday.

One staff member in particular took this to the next level. Housekeeping Supervisor, Shari Tompkins, was spending some one on one time with a resident by the name of Shirley.

Unfortunately, most recently Shirley’s health has not been the greatest and has hindered her from being as active and social as she once was. In conversation Shirley had mentioned that she so eagerly wanted to be able to go to the zoo to visit all the animals, even if there was just a chance. This conversation struck a cord with Shari, and from that moment, Shari made it her mission to make this residents wish come true!

Shari and I got together with the health team and tried to make this residents wish come true. My heart swelled with the efforts that everyone put into this. Nurses volunteered their time to be with her at the zoo to make sure she was safe, arrangements were made for transportation, and other staff volunteered to support this mission.

To everyone’s dismay we could not proceed forward as the residents health was too unstable. This crushed the team but hope was not lost yet. If they could not bring Shirley to the Zoo, they would bring the Zoo to her. With a matter of a few phone calls and conversations, Cobb’s Adventure Park (a local kangaroo petting zoo) graciously agreed to come and visit with their Kangaroos right in Shirley’s suite.

The visit was a hit! Shirley’s words “thank you so much I will never forget this, it means so much”. Hops around the suite, cuddles and laughter were all shared in this special moment. Thanks to the amazing team at The Lodge at Valley Ridge.

Jenna Ouellet
(General Manager, the Lodge at Valley Ridge)

A Special Day at the Lodge at Valley Ridge

Be Sharing
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