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The right retirement home with the right kind of support can mean all the difference in one’s health and mental wellbeing. When it’s time to take that next step on the retirement journey, looking at a number of factors, including such benefits as access to wellness amenities, specialized seniors’ programs, and an open, inclusive community are key to empowering seniors with a lifestyle to thrive in. We believe at Verve that supporting all aspects of mind, body, and spirit paves the way to better health and wellbeing, which is why we offer multiple living options with personalized services to empower each of our residents to live their best life possible with us. 

Are you a caregiver for a senior loved one?

Maybe it’s not you that needs to make a change, maybe it’s someone you love and care for. Deciding it’s time for a loved one to move into a retirement residence is a big step. It can be the biggest sign of that harsh realization that we are, in fact, aging. Having an honest and open conversation about your family’s particular needs and wants is the first step to choosing the right senior living option. We’ve compiled a list of tips to get you started on how to have the conversation about moving into a retirement residence here. Let’s also look at the different living options available. 

Senior Living Options

Lifestyle Apartments

The Shores of Port Credit, in Ontario, offers luxury Lifestyle Apartments designed exclusively for seniors to enjoy the freedom of a 5-star way of living in comfort, safety, and security with the added benefit of having a passionate, professional team on hand. More Lifestyle Apartment living options will be coming in 2028 to meet our residents’ needs!

Independent Living

Living as one would in their own home, with all the amenities and individualized attention of a luxury hotel. Independent Living offers 24/7 peace of mind, while giving freedom to choose just how you’ll spend your days while we take care of the daily details. 

Assisted Living

Attentive, professional staff support Assisted Living residents to live purposeful lives with spirit, energy, and confidence. Through specialized programming, healthy, exceptional meal options, and an onsite nursing presence, this lifestyle is ideal to enhance and ensure that quality of life is optimized. 

Memory Care

Verve’s tailored approach to caring for seniors living with dementia and Alzheimer’s focuses on specialized households that feature safety-led programs for reducing anxiety in residents and their families. Many of our residences offer Memory Care nationwide, click here to find a residence near you. From 24-hour monitoring, purpose-built life and fitness programs, to round-the-clock care are tailored to the individual in Memory Care. Visit The Village Langley, in British Columbia, for an entire residence dedicated to memory care on a sprawling 5-acres, designed to enrich the lives of those in our care.

Ongoing Care

Many of our Verve Senior Living residences across Canada offer a continuum of care, allowing our residents to age gracefully in a place they know, love, and feel like home, surrounded by their friends and a team that knows their wants and needs. 

Perhaps you’re only in need of a revitalizing break, or want to experience what a retirement residence is like firsthand. Try a Trial Stay or enjoy the professional support, comfort, and socialization of a Respite Stay in a Verve community.

The next (first) step

Finding the right retirement residence with the right support for your needs, coupled with a lifestyle that suits your vision is key to a happy, vibrant retirement. When you feel supported, you feel like you can do more, and that’s what we want to infuse our residents’ days with: verve and purpose! So we’ve put together a special guide to take you through the journey, whether you’re getting started on this journey yourself or looking for a senior loved one. And when you’re ready to make the journey together, we’re here for you.

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