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There’s nothing quite like connecting with nature. The thrill of discovering hidden gems, breaking personal boundaries, and creating lasting memories are just a few of the benefits. So embrace outdoor exploration with confidence—knowing you’re prepared is the #1 step, then you’re on your way to physical and mental well-being.

Preparation is paramount to exploring with confidence

Keep an open mind and embrace a positive mindset—you’re going to need it! Outdoor adventurers are always prepared for the unexpected and even though that can be challenging or even frightening, don’t let fear stop you. In fact, recognize that uncomfortableness and learn from it. It’s all part of the process!

Be physically prepared

Maintaining optimal physical health is important to outdoor exploration. The confidence that comes from physical fitness means less worrying about falling, as well as the strength to literally climb mountains. Try these tips for staying active and healthy this summer to help you get in shape for all the adventures that await you!

Being physically prepared also means packing the right supplies. Be sure that whether you’re tackling anything from a light hike to an overnight camping trip, you’re leaving home prepared. Don’t forget to pack the following:

  •  Plenty of H20!
  •  Extra snacks, particularly those that will energize and nourish you
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • First aid materials: bandaids, antibiotic ointment, bug spray
  • Personal medications
  • Ensure your cellphone is fully charged before you go
  • SPF and a hat
  • Dress in layers to prepare for all weather
  • A down sleeping bag. This is crucial for overnight trips because the quality of your sleep will determine your physical and mental ability to tackle what comes during the day. The comfort, protection and reliability of your sleeping bag—and all the equipment that you bring—is crucial to this.

Be mentally prepared

Problem-solving and a certain amount of mental acuity are also required for a successful outing. Nature is unpredictable, so you need to be willing to go with the flow and be prepared that things won’t go as planned more often than not.

Before you head into the great outdoors, be mindful that you understand the area you’re exploring. Read up on the terrain so you know what sorts of things to pack with you, where WiFi dead zones are, and such. Seek out as much information as you can about where you’re adventuring to! Google, hit up the bookstore, seek out guidance from experts who’ve traveled there before and can offer advice and recommendations.

Outdoor adventures to try

1.    Hiking: Great physical activity, discover new spots, and achieve serenity in nature

2.    Camping: Unplug for a few days and just be!

3.    Aquatic adventures: Kayaking, canoeing, swimming

4.    National Parks: Safely explore nature’s backyard with marked trails, learn about the environment through Visitors’ Centers, and discover these preserved places that can include mountains, lakes, and waterfalls

Looking for more travel ideas? We’ve rounded up our favourites for senior travelers and their loved ones here. Outdoor adventuring will always push you past your comfort zone for personal growth. You’ll discover inner resilience you didn’t even know you had! And that self-confidence will trickle into other parts of your life .And if you can, bring a friend! Shared adventures create unbreakable bonds and memories to last a lifetime. However, don’t start comparing yourself to your friend or others—everyone’s path and abilities are different and worthy of celebration.

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