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Eric Koch, a resident at Hazelton Place, volunteers his time and expertise by organizing discussion groups featuring different guests twice a week.

He says “I make a modest contribution by masterminding discussions twice a week on important political, social and cultural issues.  I invite guests from the outside and inside attracting approximately twenty residents to my discussions.”

Some of his guest speakers are resident’s, while others work in politics, are writers, judges, and journalists. He interviews those he feels are interesting in their own right. It is his unique interviewing style and humorous nature that attract a large number of residents to his discussion groups.  Resident’s at his home are found to plan their Wednesdays and Fridays around his discussions.  His contributions are very much appreciated by the staff and the residents.

How does he feel about being living in a verve home?  In his words, “The staff meets all my needs, and do so in style.  I am particularly impressed by the nursing staff.  The “Human Enrichment” department goes to great length to devise festivities and entertainment to provide means for residents to spend their time as rewardingly as they can.”

To get to know Eric a bit better please find a link to an old CBC interview and his Wikipedia page below.



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