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The first meeting of the ROMEOs took place over 10 years ago. John and Brian (both from England) would get together once a week, without fail, for a beer and a burger to rehash current events and sporting outcomes.

Over time and through various events and introduction, the group has grown to 9 members from several different countries. Frank from Trinidad, Bing from Grenada, John from Vancouver, Reg from Northern Ontario, Pat from St. Vincent and the latest additions, Peter and Joey also from Trinidad.

The “get togethers” are still on Wednesdays and are at the original location called San Frans on Unity Dr. in Mississauga… where you can get the best veal sandwich in the G.T.A with your choice of a generous helping of Greek or Caesar salads.

Bing is the musician in the group, often referred to as “maestro” and he plays a mean piano. He also volunteers once a week to play for the patients at the Cancer Center at Credit Valley Hospital. He has also produced several CD’s under the title of Bing, the one and only – great background music for those leisurely dinners.

Frank and John make aeroplanes as a hobby… out of beer cans. You can get a single wing or a double wing in the beer can of your choice. You buy and drink the beer and they make the planes. They insist that the pull tabs stay on the cans as they are an integral part for the wing and landing gear.

Frank has also recently won an award from the City of Mississauga for the participation in the Neighbourhood Watch Program. He also organizes an annual street party with representation from local law enforcement, fire departments, politicians and the Mississauga News.

As a group the ROMEOs, have for several years now, collected pull tabs from cans of various refreshment drinks which are given to the Legion, from which they make wheelchairs for our veterans and others in need. It takes about 2.5 million tabs to make one chair so if you care to collect and donate they can be dropped off at Credit River Retirement.

I think it is safe to say that the group will be around for some time to come because at great individual expense, we had t-shirts printed up – black with gold letters, emblazoned with R.O.M.E.O on the front… which stands for Retired Old Men Eating Out.

The ROMEOs thank you for your time and we wish you all a great day.

Be Sharing
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