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Credit River Seniors for Kids ProgramCredit River Retirement in Mississauga is working with our local elementary school, St Joseph’s to develop a program called Seniors for Kids, who’s first model was set up in Alberta.

After our first meeting at Erin Mills Connects meeting, the Principal of St Josephs and their teaching staff all agreed that there would be some wonderful benefits of putting together their students, and our residents. Seniors become mentors or “school grandparents” to young students by giving of themselves in a non-judgmental way, providing unconditional attention with a desire to encourage young people to reach their full potential. These relationships could be crucial especially for young people who don’t have the support of a family at home, or feel that they have no one to talk to.

Seniors and students will be given the opportunity to enjoy sharing their experiences, talents and skills, and fun with each other. Students get to share their thoughts and feelings with an older adult if they wish, which often helps them learn how to cope with their youthful day-to-day happenings.

Everyone benefits: the seniors, the youth, their families and the community.

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