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Seniors living communities are home to a dynamic group of wise residents with a wealth of life experience all in one place. Many homes have one hundred or more residents, each with unique histories and education, travel experiences and expertise. Given the opportunity, the knowledge of a resident expert can be shared with all the residents in the building.

Introducing Bruce, a retired Physiotherapist with 30 years’ experience working with clients with arthritis and similar ailments. Bruce and his wife live at Courtyard Gardens Seniors Retirement Residence and Bruce has found a welcoming platform to share his professional experience and expertise with the residents living at Courtyard.

He recently hosted a wellness in service specifically addressing arthritis and common issues that accompany the illness. He prepared a power point presentation, kept the presentation to about 35 minutes and had opportunity for questions. He can offer suggestions on better posture, ways to use a walker more effectively and on how to join in the abundant and variety of exercise programs that a home like Courtyard Gardens has to offer. Bruce has offered to share his knowledge with others because he embraces the ability to share and educate, and some residents may not get to speak to a physiotherapist who can relate the way Bruce can. He enjoys sharing the expertise he spent his professional life practicing and feels that others might have knowledge to share as well. He doesn’t get paid for these speaking engagements and has willingly offered to do more if the residents enjoy them. He always takes the time to make it very clear to all who ask for his advice or listen to his presentations that the first step should be “talk to your doctor.”

Every seniors home has a wide variety of residents with knowledge and expertise and maybe providing the time and space for them to share with their peers could be positive for both the presenter as well as the audience.

Written By:

Amanda Hill, General Manager, Courtyard Gardens

Be Sharing
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