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The Alder House Villagers, of the Village at Langley conceived of and completed this project to celebrate the many reasons their Village community comes together every day and to recognize the little things we can all enjoy during this period of physical distancing and isolation. 

These Hands

These hands have something they would like to share with you.
Why? …Because as always, these hands are full of wisdom.

For us, these hands are the reason we show up every day.
Why, at times we work longer hours, take extra shifts,
follow specific protocols put in place and give 110%.

These hands are also the reason it’s important for others to self-isolate.

It’s easy to get caught up in the bad news and the negative energy.
It’s even easier to let this spiral into anxiety, stress or fear of the unknown.

Here is some friendly advice from a generation
raised on home cooked meals & quality family time.
A generation who can always find joy in the simple things.

These hands are here to remind you to cherish the little moments.
Embrace the slower pace.
Be grateful for what you have.
Eliminate boredom with new hobbies.
Replace negativity with good vibes.
& soak up this time to rest & reset.

Lastly, these hands are a happy reminder to wash your hands.
Spread kindness, instead of germs.

Sending love to all of our families and our friends.

Sincerely, The Village Langley.

Be Sharing
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