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How to Keep Busy During This Time

by Brooke Bejczak, Marketing & Sales Assistant at Richmond Hill Retirement Residence

Thinking of ways to keep busy during difficult times does not always seem easy, but there are ways to help motivate your mind and body. Here are some recommendations while you are at home:

Moving Tips

  • List what is important to you
  • Plan out
  • Ask for help
  • Declutter/organize
  • Only keep your most beautiful pieces

Declutter Options

  • Start in one area in your home at a time
  • Make some labels (keep, auction, Goodwill, trash)
  • Have a positive outlook/be patient with yourself
  • Looking for some great tips, call our RHRR marketing office for the next Downsizing seminar at 905-770-4704.

Getting bored of your rooms looking tired and dull? How about trying to create some Feng Shui; which will create more of a lively, fresh looking space:

  • Ask family to help move your heavier furniture’s: such as couches, tables, cabinets.
  • Change up some pictures. All those pictures you have sitting on selves and tables, try switching out the old with the new.
  • Change your bedding. Nothing feels nicer than getting into a bed with nice, fresh, clean sheets. Do you have any funky designed sheets? Try putting those on your bed occasionally to add some new life into your space.
  • Try filling your room with scents. Light a candle, open a window, bake some cookies. Its always nice when you go into a room and it smells wonderful
  • Bring the outdoors inside. Buy some plants at the local nursery. How about giving Richmond Hill Retirement Residence a call and order your very own personalized garden kits. Its easy for any type of gardener even if you are not a green thumb, and each kit comes with its own plant care instructions.
  • Want a dramatic change? Change it up with accent pieces like changing your pillows, flipping your mattress, change out your vases, rather than the big pieces. That way if you are tired of it, it’s easy to switch for minimal money.

Pick up a new hobby

  • Living Loving Local cookbook is Verve’s new cookbook. It has a lot of fresh, easy recipes for any type of level of cooking. Each month is a little different, but always delicious, informative, and fun! Some recipes range from Peach Cobbler for dessert or even Maple Soy Glazed Salmon for dinner. This recipe book can be picked up at your local Verve company home. Call Richmond Hill Retirement Residence for your copy of the LLL cookbook and we would be delighted to send it out to you. Do not miss out on some incredible recipes and please do not forget to let us know how some of your delicious recipes turned out!
  • Learn to knit! I know you have been trying to finish knitting that scarf for your grandchildren. Wouldn’t this be such a nice time to finish the projects you have started. Go sit outside and start knitting away! I am sure once you are finished whoever it is for, they will appreciate your homemade gift!

Virtual Webinars

Here at RHRR, we are now going to be starting virtual webinars. These webinars will be complimentary which you can do from the comfort of your own home. Once you sign up for our scheduled events, you will receive instructions on how to set up and get involved, and it will also come with some free swag/goodies. We have 2 events already set up:

  • Wednesday June 24th, 2020. Arlene Stephenson’s from Downsizing Diva. She will answer all your questions on how to downsize from a home to an apartment/condo, what items you need, do not need.
  • Wednesday July 15th, 2020. Disiree and Brooke (The marketing team) will be hosting a paint event. Join us on the web for a fun afternoon. Unleash your inner Leonardo Di Vinci or your Vincent Van Gogh and go from a blank canvas to an outstanding masterpiece! This event is one you do not want to miss out on, if interested, please contact either Disiree or Brooke at 905-770-4704. We look forward to hanging out with you on the web!