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The air is a little crisper. The colours a little more vibrant in their red and gold attire. The season in general, is a little more reflective. Autumn is a special time of year, both cozy and invigorating in its own way. Which is why we’ve rounded up a list of our favourite activities to make the most of the season.

Get outdoors, get social, and get moving with these fun autumn activities

  • Welcome to Pumpkin Spice Latte season! Never underestimate the power of a good coffee. Rather than downing it on the go, sit and sip, using the time to meditate, observe, and just be. Or meet a friend! What better way to spill the tea than while sipping a seasonal drink? Bonus points: most independent coffee shops have their own version of the pumpkin spice latte or something similarly fall-themed, so support local while getting your caffeine fix. 
  • Harness your inner child and visit a pumpkin patch! Whether you actually want to bring one home is up to you, but most patches have other sights, activities, and artisanal food offerings to make it a fun afternoon for the whole family, young and old alike. Not into pumpkins? Look into your local flower fields for sunflower and other festivals to ring in the autumn season.
  • Make an outing to your local Farmer’s Market to collect ingredients for seasonally-inspired meals. A perfect way to spend time with friends, get steps in, and cook something both nutritious and delicious!
  • Give yourself something to look forward to: plant hardy perennial flower bulbs such as daffodils, tulips, allium, and hyacinth for a beautiful, blooming garden come springtime.
  • Check your local community website, events page on your favourite farmer’s market vendor’s website, and your local Verve Senior Living residence’s events calendar to find out about local events such as movies in the park, pumpkin-themed parties, and more.

    Get in the mood for autumn without leaving home with these fun autumn activities 

    The following autumn activities are fun for those who prefer to stick closer to home or have mobility issues.

    • Bake a pie! Nothing says autumn like an apple pie. Or pumpkin. Read more about the benefits of winter squash, or download our recipe for a classic apple pie here.
    • Break out the board games and puzzles! These low-key activities can be enjoyed on a cozy evening at home and feature opportunities for cognitive stimulation as well as socialization.
    • Knit a scarf, hat, or even a sweater. Sharpen those fine motor skills with cozy, practical results!
    • Practicing gratitude has numerous health and well-being benefits, such as better sleep and stress reduction. What better way to celebrate the season of thankfulness than by engaging in this healthy, feel-good daily practice?
    • Read a book. Revisit an old favourite or order a new chart-topper to pass the time while exercising the brain. 

    Our residents at Verve Senior Living are encouraged to partake in themed activities all season long, through our specialized Life Enrichment programming. Discover more here about what we have to offer.

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