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I often think about the people who work in senior care and why they chose this work. It can be challenging, particularly when dealing with a global pandemic. Therefore, I believe it comes down to the genuine desire to positively impact the life of a senior and the personal fulfillment that brings. I know it’s what attracted me to the industry, and I feel our team at Verve embodies that spirit.

As the Omicron variant spreads, we are integrating all the lessons the pandemic has taught us over the past two years to face this next challenge—the most significant of which remains maintaining our staffing levels while keeping our residents and team members healthy and safe.

Thankfully, we have a very high percentage of residents who have already received their third vaccination. In the rare case when a resident tests positive, the symptoms have been usually limited to mild symptoms. We continue to work with the local health authorities to get our double-vaccinated team members their booster as quickly as possible and respond to any community outbreaks while maintaining the quality of our residents’ experience as much as possible.

I have the utmost confidence in and respect for our team members who’ve committed to caring for our seniors and inspiring them to be their best selves. We continue to be thankful for our entire community, from the residents, their family, and our team members, for their unfailing patience, support and commitment to each other.

Our Verve community is here for you and continually strives to protect the health of our residents and team members. Together, we will take 2022 as it comes and prevail.

David Bird
President and CEO
Verve Senior Living

Be Sharing
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