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Hello. My name is Jack and my wife Velma and I live at The Credit River Retirement Residence at Streetsville, Ontario. We take great pleasure to introduce you to a very remarkable young man who created the Lucky Iron Fish. For those of you who have not heard of it I would suggest that you go on the Internet and click on This will give you a much better explanation of its Health and Medical Benefits. First, I must reveal that Dr. Armstrong just happens to be our Grandson.

He started as a shy curious young person who wondered how he could do something to help others. From his studies at Guelph University, he found that Iron Deficiency was a World Wide Problem. Studies had shown that a chunk of Iron in a boiling pot used to cook their food in Cambodia provided the whole family, with about 75%, of the daily amount of Iron they required. The people of course would not use a chunk of Iron so another way had to be invented. Because the Fish is a lucky symbol in Cambodia the Iron was made to resemble a fish about the size of the palm of your hand. Thus the Lucky Iron Fish was born and to this day is being used in many Countries around the World.

He formed the Company, The Lucky Iron Fish and then went about seeking Donations to get things started. The first large Donation was given by the Governor General of Canada. The idea was that the Government would supply him with up to $100,000 to match what he was able to raise. The people that were approached for Donations realized the viability and importance of the Project and the amount was soon raised. It was not easy to get started as formal studies had to be done to prove the concept and this took time and patience but he stayed with it and achieved his goal.

Over the years he has won many Awards as you will see from the Web Site. As well as receiving his Doctorate from Guelph University. he has been recognized by the “Clinton University Global Initiative”, “Forbes Magazine”, the “Michaelle Jean Governor Generals Award” and named as one of the ‘Top Ten Graduates for the Last Ten Years from Guelph University”.

Congratulations Dr. Armstrong. He has requested all of the Family to still call him Gavin.

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