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Art benefits the mind, body, and soul. Whether viewing completed pieces in various disciplines, or creating a simple pen sketch on a napkin at lunch, the process and enjoyment of art range across age, culture, and skill. In fact, the best part is: No skill is even necessary! Art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, which is what makes it so incredibly beneficial to those who come in contact with it. It sets the stage for communication, shared experiences, and quiet moments of reflection and gratitude.

Creating art as an aging senior is a way to honour a life lived, and can serve to restore a sense of self, or even discover it for the first time. We honour this at Verve through our numerous Life Enrichment programs. Read here for more about how expressive art therapy benefits our residents. Looking to infuse daily life at home with the vibrant benefits of artistic appreciation? Read below for our round-up of fun activities to reinvigorate your senior loved one’s joy for art.

1.    Pottery

There’s something about creating something from scratch with your hands that’s an irreplaceable experience. Many cities have places where you can learn to throw a dish or vase, or choose from ready-made pieces and express yourself through painting. Can’t find one near you? Canadian company Sculpd offers kits and online tutorials.

2.    Gallery Tour

It’s been proven that even simply viewing a piece of art releases stress-combating endorphins. Touring your local art gallery, or one wherever you might be traveling next, is an excellent way to rediscover your joy for art. Allow yourself to absorb the atmosphere, and use your favourite for inspiration the next time you sit down to sketch, paint, write, or play an instrument! Search Canadian Art Galleries by location, type, and more on to find one that suits your interests best.

3.    Candle Making

Candles have exploded in popularity at local farmer’s markets and big box chains alike with luxury brand vessels. Doubling as a stress-reducer through aromatherapy and the calming flicker of candlelight, the vessels in which the wax reside have become fanciful works of art for every aesthetic. Find a candle-making workshop near you to try your hand at creating one precisely to your artistic taste—or rather scent!—and reap the benefits. Double points to getting a group of friends together to make it a social event. Simply type “candle making near me” into your browser search bar and local shops that offer candle-making classes will pop up.

4.    Put old photographs to good use

We take literally millions of photographs via our phones these days. Rather than letting them simply sit and fill up your gigabytes, we’ve put together seven clever ideas for putting your old photos to use, from decorative ceramic tiles to creating family heirlooms. Your imagination is the limit!

5.    Adult colouring books

While this craze from a few years ago has died down, there are still a plethora of adultcolouring books to choose from, from those that enhance mindfulness to those that resemble tattoos, celebrate favourite fandoms, animals, different cities, and more. With one for every sensibility, pull out your colouring pencils and meditate to colouring within the lines.

6.    Bake something

One might not readily consider baking an art form, but take one look at those carefully sculpted sugar petals on the next special occasion cake you buy, or one Parisienne macaron, and you might change your mind. A cathartic and mindful practice, baking also has some very tasty results. Try this simple and delicious crème brûlée recipe from our very own Chef Todd Westlake.

Making art that reflects your passions is one of life’s many delights. It doesn’t have to be a big or time-intensive endeavor. Choose what moves you and try it. And hey, if it doesn’t work the first time—try again or choose a new medium. That’s the beauty of it all!

Be Sharing
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