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Retirement living looks different for everyone. So many factors play in: Where you live, where your family lives, your health, pass times, and priorities! But there is one common factor for most people: Retirement can often mean it’s time to downsize! Whether it’s simply because you finally have the time to declutter your home, need to downsize for health reasons, or want to move into a smaller place to free up time or travel is on the books, there are a few things to consider for you do so.

Be realistic about your retirement goals.

Retirement is an exciting time and overwhelming time: There are a lot of factors to consider, including what your lifestyle goals are and the financial goals you need to have to be able to achieve them. One of the biggest parts of that is the sale of your home. Most of us form long-term attachments to our home; beyond shelter, it’s one of the primary places we make memories. Letting go of that can be emotionally difficult. Speaking with a real estate expert can help you make realistic and objective plans for the sale of your home for the best and quickest results.

Some other factors to consider before downsizing:

·      Think about where you’d like to retire based on lifestyle preferences, location of family, and cost of living where you’d like to end up.

·      Your lifestyle preferences can help you dictate the type of retirement living situation you’d like to move into it. Does living with a loved one sound most appealing? Are 5-star amenities and chef-inspired dining a must? Do you hope to travel half the time? Does 24/7 access to medical support need to be a factor?

·      You can’t take it all with you. If you’re planning to downsize, in the vibe of Marie Kondo, thank your belongings for the joy they’ve given you and make plans for them so you can step forward on a new journey with as little baggage as possible. We have your best tips for decluttering your home before your move here.

Downsizing before retirement

Not quite ready to retire fully but wanting to downsize out of necessity or desire before you do? Think: less cleaning and maintenance, lower utility bills, and maybe even the increased cash flow of selling your home, there are plenty of Independent Living options out there that offer freedom, but also the opportunity to start partaking in the perks of retired life—like a built-in community to age in place with! We’ve debunked 5 myths about retirement living and at Verve Senior Living, we’re always ready to welcome you home to what inspired senior living can look like.

Maybe it’s not you, it’s a senior loved one that you recognize is starting to need a little extra support or could benefit from the social aspect of a retirement living community. See our guide for how to have the conversation about moving into a retirement residence for tips on how to get started.

Before you make any moves, write out your pros and cons, and that all-important To Do list. Having a list of things to consider before downsizing there in black and white in front of you will provoke gut reactions, and help you make your ultimate decisions.

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