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Construction Update Feb 4th

Thank you for your interest in the Riverwalk Retirement Residence project. To
follow is a construction update on the project and how it may affect you.

Coming up:

  • In this early stage of development, our team is working to provide
    geothermal energy for this building. It will provide long-term clean and
    efficient heating and cooling to the building. In order provide our residents
    with a clean source of energy, we have a drilling rig on site. The geothermal
    drilling will continue into the month of February 2020.
  • Mid-February 2020 there will be a new crew on site to start the shoring of
    the property.

Traffic and Noise:

  • The geothermal crews will be on-site 6 days a week. They will only be drilling during the times our permit allows, as per the City of Calgary bylaws:
    • Monday – Saturday 7 am – 10 pm
  • There will be a generator running 24/7 on-site. The generator is enclosed in
    order to help reduce noise and is below the noise levels, per the City of
    Calgary bylaw.
  • Our site entrance is set up in the alley connecting 4th St and 5th St. This is to
    ensure traffic is impeded as little as possible.
  • When needed, we have trained traffic controllers on-site to guide our trucks
    safely and efficiently.
  • There are currently no lane closures.
  • The sidewalk around the site remains open. There are protective hoarding
    and overhead protection for those who use the sidewalk. But it’s
    recommended to use the sidewalks away from the
    construction site, if possible.

Site Safety Measures:

  • Signage, barriers, fencing, pylons and traffic control personnel are all utilized
    on this construction site to ensure the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and
    motorists. Please obey any signs or traffic control personnel when travelling
    near the construction site. They are all there for your safety.

Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation.
Riverwalk Construction Team

Construction Contact:
Jeremy Schwind