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Riverwalk May Construction Update

Dear Neighbours –

Thank you for your interest in the Riverwalk Retirement Residence. We are sending this update to keep you apprised of its progress and how the construction may affect you.


  • During the Month of May our site will be pouring our Level 3, and 4 slabs and verticals, and be working towards the Level 5 slab.

  • Concrete trucks and a pump will be onsite most days as the team continues their concrete pours.

  • Reinforcing steel will be delivered to the site throughout the month. Deliveries occur in the loading zone on 25th Ave SW.

  • The weekends of May 15/16 and 22/23, our site team will be installing our site services. Please note that will take place Fridays through Sundays, and possible delays due to lane closures. Water may also be shut off to neighbouring properties intermittently.

  • We will have Seven crews on site during the month of May.

Prospect Trail

The work at Prospect Trail has been completed for the winter. The new staircase and other components are now open to the public. A crew will be back on site in the spring to complete any remaining landscaping work and attend to miscellaneous repairs.

Should you require additional information about the Prospect Trail or Triangle Park improvements, please contact Ron Buchan at The City of Calgary ( or 403.370.9370).

The Primary Construction Contact is Russ Douglas ( or 403.589.7698).


  • There will be various trucks onsite Monday to Saturday for delivery of materials, rebar deliveries, and concrete pours.

  • Deliveries will take place in the loading zone of 25th Ave SW.

  • All work will be completed during The City of Calgary Bylaws as per our permit (Monday-Saturday 7am – 10pm).

    • During large pours (Suspended Slab, Main Floors, etc.), work may continue outside the normal working hours. However, all work will be completed in accordance with the City of Calgary’s Noise Exemption Permits.

  • When needed, we have trained traffic controllers on our site in order to guide our trucks and local traffic safely and efficiently.

  • Expect there to be traffic delays due to lane closures (May 14th-16th & May 21st-23rd) for the installation of site services. Please watch for construction vehicles, workers, and detour signs.

Site Safety Measures

  • For the safety of the community, the adjacent sidewalk along 25th AV SW will be closed for the foreseeable future. Please use the southern sidewalk by Safeway for safe access.

  • Signage, barriers, fencing, pylons and traffic control personnel are all utilized on the site to ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists.

  • Please obey any signs or traffic control personnel when near this site. They are all there for your safety.

  • The crane on site operates within the property lines of our site and is used to assist with deliveries taking place on 25th Ave SW. The crane does not swing over neighbouring properties.

  • This construction site will remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic as we are deemed an essential service by the provincial government. We continue to stay informed with up-to-date information, follow all guidelines and meet all standards put in place by the Province of Alberta to ensure we are doing our part in keeping everyone safe.

Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation.

Bohdan Vasylyshyn
Senior Site Supervisor

T: 403.204.8100 | C: 403.702.6122