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Spring is around the corner and with it comes the urge to throw open the windows, the scent of possibility and renewal on the breeze. There are so many ways to spring clean your home, but one of the most impactful results is the way your space smells. Scent is so important to our overall mood, can trigger nostalgia, and indicate when something’s not right. That’s why ensuring your space smells as welcoming as it looks is crucial. This is a two-step process that often begins with a deep clean, followed by tools to enhance the scent. We’ll cover ways to achieve that naturally—so grab your baking soda, and read on.

5 ways to make your space smell spring fresh

You might be diligent about cleaning your space regularly—dusting, vacuuming, sinks, and toilets—but odors can develop over time in places you might be overlooking on the regular. Here are a few tips and tricks to try making part of your monthly routine, rather than that once-a-year spring clean.

1.    If you have any of the following: a dishwasher, washing machine and dryer, fridge, microwave, or garbage disposal, give them some love once a month! Throw out expired foods and leftovers in the fridge and give it a wipe-down on the inside, air out your microwave, and try these tips from Home Depot for your washing machine and dryer. For more in-depth microwave cleaning tips, check out this article by Good Housekeeping.

2.    You might empty your garbage can regularly, but do you clean it? A good garbage refresher is sprinkling baking soda in the bottom of a fresh liner, or a layer on top of the trash if it’s not ready to be taken out. Wash the lid with a disinfecting spray as well.

3.    To deodorize the soft surfaces in your house, start by sprinkling baking soda on the carpet, work it in gently on spots that need extra attention like pet accidents, spills, etc., then vacuum it all up after 30 minutes to an hour. The same works on your mattress—just don’t forget to vacuum it up! Try this baking soda tip on pet beds and rugs, as well.

4.    Open ‘er up! This goes for windows, even for a short amount of time in brisk temperatures, to get fresh airflow moving through your space. Try keeping your clothes closet door open for regular intervals as well, to prevent stagnant air and trapping smells and moisture from dirty laundry.

5.    Once you’re done cleaning and deodorizing, it’s time to refresh! We’ve collected a few of our favourite ideas below to naturally scent your space with the smells of spring.

Fresh plants, not just flowers! Try potted instead of cut for longer-lasting enjoyment. Great-smelling choices include jasmine, eucalyptus, and gardenias. Tip: Place the plant beside your bed for sweet dreams.

Room & Linen Sprays: For an extra boost of all-natural scent, put fresh sage, rosemary, lemon, lavender (or any of your favourite herbs) into a spray bottle filled with distilled water, and spritz to your heart’s content! Feeling crafty? Try making our own lavender linen spray with this tutorial from Hello Glow that takes you through the process right from drying through to storage techniques. Or try this DIY perfumed lilac oil from Foxtail and Moss.

Or try store-bought like this all-natural one from Canadian company Saje, who also have bathroom and linen & fabric sprays. Tip: Do not spray directly on surfaces to avoid oil stains! Febreze fabric refresher is another tried-and-true option for couches and throw pillows.

Other tips to prevent stinky smells:

  • Double-wrap your leftovers or make sure your lids are securely fastened.
  • Oldie but goodie: open baking soda in the fridge
  • From moisture: try a dehumidifier
  • Clean pet areas daily
  • Put dryer sheets in the closets, dressers, and small spaces. And if you love the idea of a neutral home, simply put activated charcoal filters in rooms like the kitchen and bath to prevent odors from starting up.

Easy breezy!

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