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Gift giving is one of the best parts of the holidays; finding that perfect something to gift that special someone as a way to show them how much you care. However, it can also be stressful, especially if the person is hard to buy for, or in the case of most seniors, they already have or feel like they have accumulated everything they need over their lengthy lifetime!

The trick is finding something they’ll love that can also check the “useful” box. We’ve put together a list of our top ten favourite gift ideas to inspire a senior in your life all year round.

1. Family Photo Album

Yes, we all carry our albums in our pockets these days, but chances are your parents or grandparents still prefer the real deal printed version. Developing a few photos and popping them into a nice photo album or pre-loading a digital photo frame can go a long way. This can be an especially great gift for those living with dementia as a comforting reminder of the people they love. Bonus points for getting together and going through the album together!

2. Tickets to the big game…

Or theater, show, restaurant gift certificate or homemade “coupon” for a walk in to their favourite place (pending restrictions in your area, of course). Because the best gift you can give a senior (or really, anyone special in your life) is your time. So include a ticket for yourself and make a new memory together.

3. Brain Game books

Just like any other muscle group, the brain needs exercising! Whether it’s crossword puzzles, sudoku, or even an adult colouring book, these kinds of activities (also available in big print!) help mental stimulation to keep the elderly mind active. Even a good jigsaw puzzle with large pieces can act like a brain game! Check out or your local bookstore for a good selection.

4. Weighted blanket

A weighted blanket works to reduce anxiety and can help with insomnia; perfect for those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia who experience frequent unrest.

5. A Joywell Sofa Armrest Organizer

For the person who has everything to organize it all: A durable armchair caddy to organize and keep their remotes, phone, glasses, books and necessities close at hand while relaxing in their favourite armchair. Available from

6. A link to the past with

Seniors generally love telling stories, especially of their youth, to share with the next generation. Membership to a site like will not only give them an activity, but put them in closer touch with their past.

7. Non-Slip Socks

To keep warm and help prevent painful falls, non-slip socks are great for everyone, but extra useful for those living with physical frailties. Find some for every personality at

8. Light Therapy Lamp

The long, dark winter months can have adverse effects on mental health. Light therapy is one way to brighten your loved one’s day—literally. Daylight lamps are said to improve mood, sleep, and focus attention by mimicking the outdoors without the hassle of “get up and go” for seniors who aren’t as mobile.

9. Windowsill gardening kit

For the avid gardener who no longer has a garden, a gardening kit for indoor Green Thumbs complete with everything they need to grow useful herbs, or even just some fresh greenery to help oxygenate their air. A plethora of options are available on

10.  Adaptive Clothing

Solve dressing issues with Silverts and Buck & Buck for those with Alzheimer’s, arthritis or dementia with adaptive clothing that addresses issues such as not being able to fasten buttons and zippers to swollen feet and those that repeatedly undress themselves.

Happy Shopping!

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