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The benefits of exercise for seniors are tremendous. Being regularly active can help alleviate chronic pain, manage health issues, and aid in mobility that keeps seniors stay independent, longer, to get the most out of retirement. The confidence gained in an active lifestyle has far-reaching benefits.

So what are the benefits of staying active by swimming? Let’s ‘dive in’ to why swimming is such a great exercise choice for seniors. 

The 6 Health Benefits of Swimming for Seniors

  1. This low-impact workout packs a punch in terms of being a full-body workout that thanks to the water’s cushioning effect, allows you to give your muscles the workout they deserve without the jarring impact that other types of exercise can leave you in aces and pains.

  2. Swimming improves heart health and quality of sleep, lowers blood pressure, and helps build strong muscles and even bones! How? The water’s natural resistance to your efforts helps maintain bone density, reducing future risk of osteoporosis and age-related muscle loss.

  3. Swimming also helps improve balance and coordination through repetitive motions that can translate to reduced risk of falls on dry land!

  4. Did you know that the motion of swimming is an excellent and effective way to stretch your muscles, thereby not only building muscle but keeping your joints flexible, as well as for improved range of motion. Swimming stretches the back, hips, and neck, improves posture, and can increase your range of motion over time.

  5. Swimming positively impacts mental health by inherently boosting your mood through the endorphin rush of exercise. And let’s face it, swimming can be just plain fun! Another reason it’s an easy exercise routine to stick with—the more you like it, the more chance there is of repeating the effort.

  6. Hand-in-hand with that positive mental boost from the action of swimming is the social benefit. Attending classes or the free-time swims is a great way to meet like-minded seniors to stay socially as well as physically active, and connected. 

Before you take the plunge though, it’s important to talk with your trusted healthcare professional. As with any new exercise routine, discuss where you are, health goals, and what pace works for you to achieve those goals. Then comes the fun part! Will you do lane swimming? Aquarobics or water dancing? Even water yoga is an option these days. 

At Verve Senior Living, we believe that inspiring our residents and supporting all aspects of their mind, body, and spirit. That’s why our five-star amenities include pools, so you can reap all the benefits of a regular swim schedule right at home, surrounded by friends and a professional team dedicated to your health and wellness.

Read more about our commitment to your Health & Wellness here, and find a Verve Senior living residence near you that offers the benefit of an onsite swimming pool. 

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